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Sa., 17. Aug.



Master level Chardonnay comparison, 5 vignerons, 5 terroir, 5 vintages

100% Chardonnay 5 top notch vignerons 5 different terroir 5 different vintages (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

Master level  Chardonnay comparison, 5 vignerons, 5 terroir, 5 vintages
Master level  Chardonnay comparison, 5 vignerons, 5 terroir, 5 vintages

Zeit & Ort

17. Aug. 2024, 11:30 – 15:30

Freidorf, Bahnhofstrasse 28, 9306 Freidorf, Schweiz

Über die Veranstaltung

This event is at master level, unique and one of a kind.

I invite you to get to know the diversity of grower Chardonnays of Champagne.

The Champagne region covers around 34,300 hectares today ( compared to 60'000 hects in 1865) and encompasses 319 villages, across 5 départements. Nearly 280,000 plots, tended by more than 16,000 growers, make up the area under vine in Champagne.

The Champagne wine-growing area extends across several large regions, with more than 150 km separating the furthest ones from each other, which is almost a 2 hours drive.

Four main wine-growing sub-regions make up the area under vine: Montagne de Reims, Marne Valley, Côte des Blancs and Côte des Bar.

The subsoils  (Chalk, hard and soft limestone, marl, clay, sand and slope wash) and the climate are very different in those four regions, so the Chardonnay is different within Champagne.

We dedicate this day to recognizing the differences. 

We start with organic Chardonnay from the southernmost part of Champagne, the Côte des Bar , produced by the new star winemaker Champagne Domaine Yann Prophète. The plot was planted in 1973 and is on Kimmeridgian marl (Chablis soil). Only the best grapes are processed, only the best quality counts here, the majority of the grapes are sold. His champagnes are aged on the lees for at least 9 years, very small production.

A little north we have Chardonnay from the king of the chalk exclave of the southern Côte des Blancs, Montgueux, Jacques Lassaigne. The introverted, curious Emmanuel produces exceptional Chardonnay. Rare, wonderful and wonderfully reflect the southern location of the chalk hill of Montgueux.

Via two leading vignerons from the Côte des Blancs, Pascal Agrapart from Avize and André Jacquart with champagne from the Holy Grail of  Le Mesnil sur Oger. 

The last but not least producer far north on the outskirts of Reims in Montagne de Reims, Emmanuel Brochet. Emmanuel produces Chardonnay on his organic vineyards from the top of the southeast facing slop of Le Mont Benoit. The parcel (planted 1962) is situated on a bed of Cretaceous chalk, overlaid by around 25 cm of argilo-calcaire topsoil.

We are guests of Silvio German 18 GM / 2* Michelin and Chef of the Year 2023 by Gault Millau Switzerland and of sommelier (Falstaff sommelier of the year 2023) and host Giuseppe Lo Vasco.

The exclusive boutique hotel Mammertsberg is just one side of this beautiful historic house with a great view of Lake Constance, about one hour drive from Zurich.

These champagnes will be served :

Domaine Yann Prophète :

Millésime 2009 Brut Nature, which was never released before. World release on my tasting

Millésime 2010 Brut Nature

Millésime 2011 Brut Nature

Millésime 2012 Brut Nature

Jacques Lassaigne 

Millésime 2009

Millésime 2010 Brut Nature

Millésime 2011 Brut Nature

Millésime 2012 Tenor , Grande Cote, Brut Nature

Millésime 2013 Grande Cote, Brut Natur, Le grain de beauté

Pascal Agrapart 

Mineral 2009, Extra-Brut

Mineral 2010, Extra-Brut

Mineral 2011, Extra-Brut

Mineral 2012, Extra-Brut

Mineral 2013, Extra-Brut on Magnum

André Jacquart

Millésime 2009

Millésime 2011

Millésime 2012

Millésime 2013

Emmanuel Brochet

Hauts Chardonnay 2009, Extra-Brut

Les Hauts Chardonnay 2010

Les Hauts Chardonnay 2011

Les Hauts Chardonnay 2012

Les Hauts Chardonnay 2013

5 course menu on 2* Michelin niveau including, champagne, water, coffee.

Cost :

Fr. 744.-  or in Euro 757 per participant

Glass sharing possible (one glass for two participants) Fr.378.- / Euro 387 per person

Strictly limited places (14 p total) 

Receipt of payment counts as authorization for entry. 

No refund for no shows or cancellation on your part.

Help with replacement is offered

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